Meds, Round 3

Course change. I insisted in the fall that we test for Babesia and Bartonella, and my IGenex results finally came in just before the holidays. Turns out I have Bartonella quite clearly, and maybe Babesia (on the borderline between having it and not).

So we’ve stopped the Doxy and switched me over to some Bartonella-targeted meds.

  • Minocycline
  • Clarithromycine
  • Rifampin

I’m also taking some stuff for fungal infections in my gut… specifically just starting on 3 weeks of treatment with Itraconazole.

I was surprised about the results, given the tiny red dots that I have on my torso are usually a symptom on Babesia, and I didn’t think I’d been having many Bartonella symptoms. But, I new doctor I am starting to see as an alternative POV did support the diagnosis of both the diseases based on his obsvervations. So, who knows.

Honestly I’m finding this illness to be a bit boring and tedious. I can’t even get the energy to post more here in my blog about it. Mainly, I just don’t feel like I’m seeing any changes, better or worse, as a result of my treatment attempts. The herxing seems to have mostly subsided, and my pain is just a steady and annoying fact of my life. I know I need to be patient and let them run their course… but how do I know I’m not losing time with ineffectual treatments, as I sit here assuming they are working?

At any rate, the most exciting thing aside from getting new meds is that I upgraded my pill case to a larger size. 💊 I’m taking so much medication right now (in addition to supplements), they were getting crushed in the other case… But perhaps this is just a sign of old age, haha. I mean… my 40th is right around the corner. Isn’t a bigger pill case simply a rite of passage?

Oh also, we decided that we’re going to convert one of our half-bathrooms in the house to an infrared sauna! The space has already been demoed and the panels have arrived, but we need to have some plumping and electrical work before the installation can start. That should be super cool once it’s up and running. I’ll try and post some pictures of the process.

As I mentioned in my last post, I really like using an infrared sauna for detox — especially when I’m on so many medications. I feel like it helps get all the nasty shit out of my body faster. If nothing else, it’s meditative and the warmth feels good especially during cold, winter months. I love ❤️ the idea of being able to start every morning out spending 20 mins in a sauna after rolling out of bed!

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